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> The theme gardens

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> The theme gardens

The gardens are places of discovery and relaxation. They have been designed around three themes, which bring out both the flora of the Loire and the cultural identity of the village.

Three areas are open to everybody so as to allow you to wonder, to observe and to marvel:

The irrigated garden is a luxuriant garden. It is full of foreign vegetation from the four quarters of the globe. Banana trees, euphorbias or fennels have now adopted the local climate. A wind turbine draws water to irrigate the whole area. Take your time and enjoy a moment in the shade of the pond.

The Loire garden reflects the daily environment of Cap Vert. The islands of sand are places where you can stroll. The pontoons can be used as observation decks to admire the boat. The vegetation of the Loire banks like long grass and willows is all there.

This wooded meadow garden dotted with tiny hills and craters will allow you to discover contrasting vegetation and unexpected ecosystems. Because of its relief this place conjures up the mining past of the village. It offers you a pleasant walk either at the heart of the craters, which allows you to discover the vegetation of wet environments or, from the top of a hill where you can take in the gardens and enjoy a unique view of the park.

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